dimension.sh is a small public linux shell host (or pubnix system) that is open to anyone who wants to learn, experiment, and socialize with other like minded people.

We offer the following services to our members:

Membership is open, all we ask if you follow a few rules. If you're interested in joining, fill in the form to request an account.

S1 update to CentOS 8.4

nikdoof @ 2021-06-11 10:42:00

At 2021-06-11 22:00 +01:00 i'll be updating s1.dimension.sh to CentOS 8.4, as part of this it'll require a reboot of the host. Please make sure you've got any open files and so on saved and closed before then.

MUD - 7th Dimension

nikdoof @ 2021-06-04 08:58:00

This morning i've brought online a basic SMAUG MUD, named the '7th Dimension' (in honour of Dimension Mk1's MUD). Its a very basic install but playable, a lot of title card and text needs to be updated.

To access it by running mud command from your login, or telnet to port 4555 on localhost.

Package Issues

nikdoof @ 2021-06-03 15:31:00

This morning i've come across some packaging issues on s1.dimension.sh, hopefully nothing serious but I had to quite a bit of recovery work and reinstallations to get everything in a correct state. If you identify any issues then drop a mail to root and i'll sort it out.

Outbound SMTP fixed

nikdoof @ 2021-04-09 09:52:00

I've resolved an issue with the outbound SMTP server settings for Outlook clients, and it now accepts LOGIN authentication. If you have any further problems, then drop a mail to root.

If you're interested in using your email on an email client outside of the shell, then check out the IMAP settings wiki page.

Gopher and Gemini

nikdoof @ 2021-03-17 18:15:00

We now fully support Gopher and Gemini hosting. Regular users would of notice the appearance of public_gopher and public_gemini folders, which are hosted at their related endpoints:

  • HTTPS: https://dimension.sh/~username
  • Gopher: gopher://dimension.sh/1/~username
  • Gemini: gemini://dimension.sh/~username

If you need an example Gophermap or GMI you can copy the files from /etc/skel/. New users will have these files available to them on account creation.

Patch Log


Updated: bombadillo-2.3.3-1.el8.x86_64


Installed: lowdown-0.8.4-1.el8.x86_64


Installed: ytalk-3.3.0-37.el8.x86_64


Installed: talk-0.17-46.el8.x86_64


Installed: talk-server-0.17-46.el8.x86_64


Installed: todo-2020.07.10-1.el8.noarch.rpm


Installed: pb-2020.10.27-1.el8.noarch.rpm


Installed: telnet-1:0.17-76.el8.x86_64


Updated: catgirl-1.8-1.el8.x86_64


Installed: tin-2.4.5-1.x86_64