Getting Started with Mail

On Dimension you have an email address of This can be accessed in one of the following ways:

Accessing via Dimension

We have two email clients installed on Dimension, which are configured by default to access your email account:

Which you use is a matter of personal preference, alpine has a gentler learning curve, but mutt is a fully-featured and configurable client. Many guides are available online on how to use both of these clients.

Accessing via IMAP

Accessing your Dimension mail from a full email client is quite easy. All the details that you need to connect to the mail server are available on the Accessing your email via IMAP. Configuration of the client varies from client to client, so please search for a guide for your client. If you have any issues, then contact the admins at

Forward to another address

To forward your Dimension email to another address, all you need to do is created a file named .forward in your home directory with the email address you want the mails redirected to.

If wanted to have all your emails forwarded to you can run the following command:

# echo "" > ~/.forward

Note: some email servers don't take kindly to this type of forwarding and may mark the mail as spam.

Techie Stuff

For the techies, here is the configuration we use: