Using public_html

public_html folder is where you can place files to be hosted on your own subsection of Any files placed in there will be available at the URL

The default page that'll be served if no filename is specified is index.html. Your public_html should already have an introductory file created for you as part of your new account. You can modify or remove this as needed. If no index.html is available for that folder, then the web server will generate a list of files.

Content Rules

We're not restrictive of what can be hosted in your public_html files; we ask that you keep within the Rules. From time to time, the admins will check the contents of any public_html folder to make sure everything is above board, and they will email if they have any issues.

What is supported?

What we don't support at the moment

Helpful Tools

We have the following tools installed on to help you make your own site.