I Regret Picking a Surface Pro-2020-09-25.html

I walked away from Apple, my Macbook Pro, and OSX about a year ago. It was time for a upgrade and I spent time looking across the market to decide what my next workhorse machine should be, driven mostly by specs I ended up selecting a Surface Pro 6, and unfortunately, I made a mistake. The Surface Pro, even after six iterations of the product, feels half cooked, tries to do everything but can’t master one of them.

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My GTD Setup Over The Years-2020-08-27.html

I’ve been a half invested Getting Things Done (GTD) practitioner for the better part of ten years, probably even longer. Over time my workflow has changed from a basic Filofax and paper notes to numerous applications, Todoist and Evernote were the longest serving applications by far, but even they headed towards the chopping block once the subscription fees started ramping up. For the longest time I ran a modified version of NextAction which did most of the heavy lifting in Todoist, but when it came down to it the script was just a kludge to make a non-GTD system work with GTD ideals.

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ShopDisney's Problems in a Lockdown world-2020-08-11.html

Note: the issues outlined below have now been fixed to some degree, this was orignally posted 2020-06-09 on another site. ShopDisney is suffering a bot problem. With the parks and stores shut Disney have took to selling limited edition items through the ShopDisney website, in the past the stock has been equally split between the stores and online to avoid any one location being the only marketplace for the items. Since Lockdown has begun the technical collectors have worked out the best way to game the ShopDisney website to get access to limited items before everyone else.

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Regretting Desocializing-2020-07-16.html

I had that thought, “f- social media, I want out”, and in a fit of rage I headed to the Twitter account panel and deleted my account. I don’t really know what spurred me to do it, but I had a account from 2007ish and originally learned of the service via the TextDrive Forums and I think I was a very early adopter of the platform. With that I had a collection of 3-4,000 tweets on that account.

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