Rant #3 - Development for smartphones

In a class I had yesterday on the school, a teacher from the classroom asked me if I could develop an application for the Android mobile operating system. That was my worst nightmare come true, since I don't want to have anything to with smartphones anymore. I can't even use my preferred text editor (Vim) for the task. Instead, I've to use Android Studio, which is proprietary and bloated-to-no-end crapware for that. I'll probably be going insane at this. I can't deal with this piece of crap. Worse enough, it isn't for something common, but something which has to act in a client (in a way) for a hardware CO2 meter which can send a notification via wireless methods (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) to the smartphone. And the application has to receive it and display it in any way. Seriously, I cannot do that. Being a server maid (as in server administrator I mean) is far easier (and saner) than developing for mobile devices (smartphones) because I can deal with that. The teacher's asking me for an impossible task, I'd for sure refuse to do. I've already had enough pain when I did Android development in the past. I can't stand it. I just.... can't

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