Rant #1 - Online classes
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time for me to actually write a rant describing what happened on 2020 from my perspective.

just as everyone on the school (i was in 6th year by then) after three days of actual classes on there , the pandemic kinda started (it was already began though) and we were forced to do online classes , my classmates didn’t give a shit and did whatever they said. but not necessarily myself , as i clearly disagreed with that idea.

literally we had online classes the entire fucking year and i personally learnt more things outside of school rather than inside , my school even has infrastructure for , say , self-hosting services of their own to not depend on big corporations , but the sysadmin is literally incompetent so they didn’t do anything with the infra.

instead they used google classroom and zoom to do the fucking shit at the cost of personal information , of course just as mentioned , classmates didn’t give a fuck about it and continued as if nothing has happened, but i stopped attending online classes around august 2020 , just to discover the fediverse and the decentralized communication platforms.

i’ve ascended on the wired to the point i didn’t want to depend on big tech anymore. so i planned to delete my remaining accounts by the end of the year as i was migrating contacts and such to nextcloud.

when i finally reached the end of year i said goodbye forever to google and the big tech. currently they still force me to have a google account but i’ll always say a big fuck you! to them , if needed.

i’m independent on the wired and i will always stand up to my beliefs. you don’t ever learn anything from online classes , i mean literally.

some report in denmark showed up that almost the entire student population was against online classes , for very good reasons i think.

other than that , they just suck and as such they are considered harmful.

online classes are fucking cancer!