Wayland, after five months, and return to X11
Aoi Koizumi (古泉 あおい)

After roughly five months from January, I've returned to X11 for my graphical needs, because of some reasons noted below:

Graphical toolkits other than GTK+3/4 or Qt 5 are barely supported at all.

Theming doesn't even work for GTK+2/3 while on Wayland, but it does work just fine on X11. (On GTK+4, theming isn't even a thing at all, thanks GNOME)

Screen brightness setting is literally a mess, let alone getting Redshift to work properly for some reason. My eyes suffered really bad.

The only compositor(s) that don't try to be an i3 or dwm clone are Hikari and maybe, labwc (never managed to build this one). As for non-wlroots ones, good luck, there's only Velox which I haven't managed to compile, either.

Honestly, I don't even get the point of Wayland shills. Xorg works just fine for me, and I don't even use NVIDIA, lol.