Integrating openring with Logarion
Aoi K. @ KyokoNet

It took me a while to do so, as I found it not too trivial until I just literally copy-pasted the template code to `footer.html` and saving it as `footer.html.in`, which openring itself takes as input, and outputs the former file already populated, more or less.

This is what I have just before this blog's footer. (angle brackets replaced with < and > for presentation)

``` <pre> <=^.^=> Articles from blogs I follow </pre> <section class="webring"> <section class="articles"> {{range .Articles> <div class="article"> <h4 class="title"><a href="{{.Link}}" target="_blank" rel="noopener">{{.Title}}</a></h4> <p class="summary">{{.Summary}}</p> <small class="source">via <a href="{{.SourceLink}}">{{.SourceTitle}}</a></small> <small class="date">{{.Date | datef "January 2, 2006"}}</small> </div> {{end}} </section> <p class="attribution">Generated by <a href="https://git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/openring">openring</a></p> </section> ```

And the CSS, which I copied verbatim into main.css, except for the background color ``` .webring .articles { display: flex; flex-wrap: wrap; margin: -0.5rem; } .webring .title { margin: 0; } .webring .article { flex: 1 1 0; display: flex; flex-direction: column; margin: 0.5rem; padding: 0.5rem; background: #30; min-width: 10rem; } .webring .summary { font-size: 0.8rem; flex: 1 1 0; } .webring .attribution { text-align: right; font-size: 0.8rem; color: #555; } ```

Thing is, I wasn't able to integrate with it the Makefile + conf.mk combo I use for generating the output, so I have to run it before in order to get the footer.html and then build as normal. Beyond that it works fine.

 <=^.^=> Articles from blogs I follow 

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